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Our purpose is to make software integration faster, more affordable and simpler for medium and large organizations.


ERP / Financial


HR / People


CRM / Sales


Ecommerce / Omnichannel


BI / Analytics

ConnectMyApps was founded in 2014 with the mission to simplify software integration. For too long, integration was expensive and complex, leading to many organizations living with slow, inefficient manual processes rather than investing in automation through integration.

Our experience shows that even complex, customized integrations can be delivered faster and at a lower price than other integration providers. This lets our clients automate more and more of the processes that used to slow them down, and enables their people to use their time to greater effect.

Today, we have over 1,000 clients, helping them be more efficient, more resilient and more agile, by connecting the applications they rely on.

Headquartered in Oslo and with offices in Copenhagen, we empower the business processes of leading organizations across Europe including McDonalds, Maersk Drilling, Vinmonopolet, Odeon, DHL, Stepstone and Orange.

ConnectMyApps is part of the Amesto Group.