How ConnectMyApps Canvas is used to automate the recruitment of flexible workforces

HelloFresh is a leading provider of food crates with ingredients for home cooking. They deliver fresh and high-quality products to their customers across many countries in Europe. However, to meet the varying and unpredictable demand, HelloFresh needs a flexible workforce that can adapt to the changing needs of their business.

Home delivery companies use cloud-based workforce management (WFM) software, to plan and manage their shifts and tasks. The WFM helps them optimize their scheduling, reduce costs, and improve employee engagement. However, the WFM can only allocate people that are already registered in the system. To source additional workers, the delivery company relies on several recruitment agencies that have access to a large pool of temporary contract workers.


The challenge

The problem is that without an integration between the WFM and the recruitment agencies, the home delivery companies need to manually create worker requests and the recruitment agency has to manually look up the availability of workers in their database and allocate them. This is time-consuming and involves multiple steps and communication channels – with the obvious risk of errors. Moreover, when a worker accepts a shift, the home delivery company has to manually create a user profile for them in the WFM and assign them to the right task. This adds more complexity and overhead to the workflow.


The solution

To solve this problem, home delivery companies use ConnectMyApps, a cloud-based integration platform that enables easy and secure integration of business applications. ConnectMyApps allows the home delivery companies to automate the ordering process and the user provisioning between WFMs such as Quinyx, Planday, Tamigo and Hibob, and the recruitment agencies’ databases.

The main part of the solution is a workflow that runs every hour and checks for any unassigned shifts that need to be filled in the WFM. The workflow then creates orders, which are then distributed to several recruitment agencies to fulfill, based on the requirements of the tasks. The recruitment agencies broadcast the demand to their network of workers and when a worker accepts a shift, the order is marked as fulfilled.

The workflow then asks the recruitment agencies which shifts have been filled and by whom. If the worker does not already exist in the WFM, the workflow creates a new user profile for them with the necessary information and permissions. The workflow then assigns the shift to the right worker in the WFM and sends them a confirmation message with the details of the task and the WFM tool they need to use.

The workflow also handles any change in assigned temporary workers by receiving updates from the recruitment agencies and replacing a worker with a new one if necessary. The workflow also communicates the actual hours worked by each worker back to the recruitment agencies to ensure correct pay.

The workflow can also de-provision non-active users (temporary contract workers) in the WFM by checking their last activity date and deactivating them if they have not worked for more than 60 days. This reduces the consumption of available WFM licences for the company as they only pay for active users.


The benefits

By using ConnectMyApps, the home delivery company can enjoy significant benefits. They can reduce manual work and human errors by automating the ordering process and the user provisioning. They can save time and money by eliminating unnecessary steps and communication channels. They can increase efficiency and productivity by ensuring that every shift is filled with the right worker at the right time, and thus ensure continuous customer satisfaction when delivering their high-quality products on time. They can simplify onboarding and training by providing clear instructions and access to the WFM for each worker.

The benefits are also significant for the recruitment agencies and the workers. They can increase customer loyalty by meeting the home delivery company’s needs and expectations. They can reduce manual handling of order fulfilment and worker management. They can enhance worker engagement and retention by offering flexible and convenient work opportunities. They can streamline payroll and invoicing by receiving accurate data on hours worked.

By using ConnectMyApps, delivery companies have transformed the flexible workforce management into a competitive advantage. They can now leverage the power of the WFM and the recruitment agencies without compromising on quality, speed, or cost.


About ConnectMyApps

ConnectMyApps is an integration platform (IPaaS) that enables businesses to integrate their critical business applications without necessarily needing extensive coding or technical skills. With ConnectMyApps, businesses can create workflows that automate data transfer, synchronization, and transformation between different applications. ConnectMyApps supports hundreds of popular applications such as accounting, CRM, ERP, e-commerce, marketing, project management, HR, WFM, etc.

One of the features of ConnectMyApps that makes it stand out from other integration platforms is Canvas. Canvas is a graphical interface that allows users to design their own workflows by dragging and dropping components such as triggers, actions, filters, loops, variables, etc. Canvas gives users full control over their workflows and enables them to create complex logic and custom functionality without coding.

Canvas also provides users with a live preview of their workflows so they can see how they work before deploying them. Users can also test their workflows with sample data or real data from their applications. Canvas also allows users to monitor their workflows’ performance, status, and logs. Users can also edit, clone, or delete their workflows at any time.

Canvas is a powerful and user-friendly tool that empowers users to create their own integrations and workflows without relying on developers or consultants. Canvas helps users save time, money, and resources by enabling them to integrate their applications in minutes instead of weeks or months.

If you want to learn more about ConnectMyApps and Canvas, you can visit or contact us. ConnectMyApps is the ultimate solution for your software integration needs.