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Increase growth by closing faster and ramping up your clients by eliminating the integration challenge. Get to the yes quicker with ConnectMyApps Canvas on your team
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Whether you are an independent software vendor, or implement software on behalf of others, ConnectMyApps can help you.

Take charge of building and maintaining integrations yourself with the Canvas integration platform, or task our Professional Services team to do it for you.

Our partnerships are profitable. You only have to decide which solution suits your business best.

Canvas Partner

Employ Canvas as your in-house integration platform and embed integrations into your own customer offering.

You build and maintain your own integrations, and receive the largest discounts.

Reseller Partner

You want ConnectMyApps to build and maintain the integrations, but you also wish to invoice your customers yourself.

We build and maintain integrations on your behalf, and you receive discounts on integration workflows.

Referral Partner

ConnectMyApps contracts directly with your customer, and build and maintain the integrations on your behalf.

You concentrate on your core offering, and we take care of the rest.

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