Build powerful, customized integrations in next to no time

Finally you can make integrations yourself

Every business have applications and systems that are not connected. And that slows the business down, limiting its growth. Automating the flow of information saves time and allows for better decision making based on the right data - faster.
With Canvas, the no-code/low-code integration platform, you can connect all your business applications, databases and files together without having to being a software developer.

Low-code / no-code integration tool

Wide range of API connectors 

Visual data mapping tool to map fields between apps

Powerful debugging, logging and notification tools

Integration health dashboard

Expert support and integration access

Expert training on platform usage

Inject your own custom code where required



’It was simple to make the integration myself, even without programming experience or using developers. I was able to do more myself than I expected and the integration does exactly what I wanted.’’

Thomas Westad, Kjell&Company

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The benefits are clear

The benefits of having your business applications connected to each other are many.

Whether it is business critical applications or more simple ones, you will find them in Canvas. Read more below

Better analytics

Finance & Accounting 

More sales

Sales & Marketing

More automation

IT & Operations

Less manual work

HR & Payroll

Right data available

Data Insights & Analytics

Faster decisions

Senior Management

Who is it for?

Because Canvas is a no code/low-code integration platform, it requires little or no coding skills. This means if you understand the data or information you wish to move, and perhaps also know the applications in question, Canvas is designed for you.

IT Operations personnel, Data Analysts, Integration Specialists, Solution Owners, Controllers and more are typical users.

Best practices for a successful integration project

Practical tips and advice to ensure your integration project runs smoothly, on budget and on time.

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