Want to build powerful integrations?

The Canvas integration platform empowers developers to explore limitless possibilities and dive deep into their projects. It provides an all-in-one intuitive environment for seamless development, easy prototyping, and maintenance.



"We have been using ConnectMyApps since 2018. The integrations between our HR and payroll systems have been running smoothly with ConnectMyApps as the provider of integrations."

Fast deployment for fast returns

Build and test even complex integrations in a fraction of the time it used to take, and deploy with the click of a button for immediate results.

Deep integration expertise

Take advantage of our Professional Services’ expertise in mange complex integrations that seamlessly fit your business.


Support and Maintenance

Ensure you have help at hand when you need it. We provide support and maintenance of our integrations as part of our service.


Security and infrastructure

Our platform is built to support enterprise  integrations with industry standard security measures throughout. ConnectMyApps is ISO27001 certified.

Cloud and on-premises apps

Connect business applications you need, no matter whether they running in the cloud, legacy on-prem systems, databases or just regular files.

Connect to thousands of apps

Use pre-built connectors for hundreds of apps including ERP, CRM, HR, BI and Ecommerce, or connect to any public API with our generic REST API connector.  


The heart of Canvas

Building and having control over your own integrations is a critical aspect of modern software and technology ecosystems. This concept is at the heart of Canvas, a platform designed to empower users and organizations with the ability to create and manage integrations according to their specific needs and preferences.

Better analytics

Finance & Accounting

Higher growth

Sales & Marketing

More automation

IT & Operations

Less manual work

HR & Payroll

Right data available

Data Insight & Analytics

Faster decisions

Senior Management