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Why partner with ConnectMyApps

Reduce burden 

Our tools ensure easy maintenance of bespoke integrations for years to come.

Increase the stickiness 

Simplify integrations for the third-party apps your clients rely on.

Quickly grow range

Accelerate your internationalization strategy with our app connectors.

Speed and Scalability

Accelerate time to market with ready-made apps, blocks, and workflows that scale integrations.  

Revenue stream

Partner model that lets you add significant margin, making integration a profitable revenue stream 

Free up resources

Let our expert team help with the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your core business 

Create even more value for your customers

Empower customers by providing them with accurate data access, thereby enhancing their control over their businesses. Streamline operations through automation, resulting in time savings and reduced errors. Seamlessly integrate your software into their existing tech stack to maximize its utility.

Partner routes

In each of these partnership steps, ConnectMyApps is committed to providing support, resources, and expertise to help you succeed and meet your business objectives. Whether you are looking for a simple referral program, the ability to resell integration solutions, or want to deeply integrate our services within your platform, ConnectMyApps offers a partnership path that aligns with your goals. Join us today to unlock the full potential of seamless data integration for your clients and your business.


About ConnectMyApps Canvas

Canvas lets you develop and maintain integrations faster and easier. The platform is designed for partners to simplify the delivery of integrations and make this service line more profitable.  

Canvas key features