ConnectMyApps offers three price plans to fit the needs of every business.


Connect Start
$300 per year

  • Connect up to 3 apps
  • 5 workflows
  • Synchronize every 10 minutes
  • FAQ and email support
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Connect Professional
$708 per year
  • Connect up to 5 apps
  • 10 workflows
  • Synchronize every 10 minutes
  • Connect desktop and cloud apps
  • FAQ and email support
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Connect Unlimited
$1428 per year
  • Connect unlimited apps
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Synchronize every 5 minutes
  • Advanced customization **
  • Connect desktop and cloud apps
  • Premium Apps
  • FAQ and email support
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** Advanced customization includes custom coding of existing workflows and creation of new workflows. Read more here.

Which plan?

To help you decide which plan is right for you we recommend that you consider how many applications you want to connect and what kinds of processes you want to automate - that will give a good indication of how many workflows you need. If you have very specific processes you may need our Advanced Customization. If you are connecting desktop applications you must be on our Connect Unlimited plan. Finally you should consider how often your data needs to be synchronized. Every ten minutes is enough for most businesses, but some businesses require greater frequency, such as those needing near real-time stock control or having a high volume of transactions.


What is a workflow?

Put simply, workflows are automated data transfers from one app to another - for example, customers added to your CRM are transferred to your accounting app. Workflows are triggered by events (such as updating or creating the customer in your CRM) and perform actions (create or update the customer in your accounting app). We have built pre-configured workflows for common processes, which you can set to automatically run in the background, keeping your data in sync and removing the need for manual data-entry.

What is Advanced Customization?

All of our workflows are ready to use "out of the box" - you can customize them yourself using the available options on the Workflow Customization screen. Options are presented in easy to understand language, no technical knowledge required! However, there may be situations where you need a higher degree of customization than what is possible "out of the box". Perhaps you have special logic you would like your workflow to follow, or perhaps you would even like a brand new workflow to better fit your business processes?

With Advanced Customization a ConnectMyApps technical consultant can customize the workflow for you behind the scenes to do exactly what you need it to do. They can even create brand new workflows just for you! You don't need to worry about the technical details, we handle that all for you - you just need to tell us what you need done.

Advanced Customization is only available on Connect Unlimited plans. It is not available during a trial period. Advanced Customization is charged for on a per-hour basis. For more details contact us at info@connectmyapps.com.

What are premium apps?

Some application APIs are more complex and require more resources from us to build integrations towards - this means that the workflows for these apps require more effort from us to deliver and support, and as a result we require the user to be on the Connect Unlimited plan in order to use them. You can only use a workflow that connects to a premium app if you are on the Connect Unlimited plan.

Will my data be continuously kept in sync?

Yes. ConnectMyApps uses advanced algorithms that synchronize data every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes, depending on which plan you are on. We do not just replicate data and do a one-off transfer from one app to another unlike some other platforms. You can on how it works here.

Can I synchronize my data more often?

Yes. In addition to the frequency of automatic synching all plans allow you to manually trigger run a sync whenever you like.

Does it cost extra to connect desktop apps to cloud apps?

To connect desktop apps you need to install ConnectMyApps CloudConnector™, which is only available in our Connect Unlimited plan.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can easily cancel your ConnectMyApps service at anytime. Just send us an email at info@connectmyapps.com. Please note that we do not offer refunds for the days remaining in your subscription period.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, it is easy to switch between plans at any time. If you want to upgrade you'll pay a pro-rated amount for the rest of the current subscription period, then the price of the new plan from the next billing cycle. If you want to downgrade you will not be credited for the unused days of the current subscription period. You will then be charged the lower rate from the beginning of the next billing cycle.

What happens when my 14 day free trial ends?

If you want to continue using ConnectMyApps at the end of your trial period simply sign up to one of our paid plans and keep using the service as usual. After 14 days your ConnectMyApps account will be no longer be accessible and any workflows you created will no longer function.

Is there a charge for monthly ‘tasks’ or ‘transactions’?

No. Some platforms impose limits and charge users every time a piece of data is moved between apps, known as ‘tasks’, ‘transactions’ or similar. We DO NOT put limits on the number of tasks etc because we believe it is difficult for most businesses to estimate and predict how much data is transferred each month. We keep our pricing transparent and understandable.

What are the payment options?

Electronic invoice sent via e-mail is currently the only payment option. You may choose to pay annually or quarterly, depending on the subscription plan you have selected.

Where can I get more information?

Please email us at info@connectmyapps.com or take a look at our FAQ page.