Partner routes

At ConnectMyApps, we believe that collaboration and strategic partnerships are essential for mutual growth and success. Our partner program offers three distinct steps to forge productive and long-lasting relationships, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their integration needs. Interested in becoming a Referral, Reseller, or Canvas Partner? We'll guide you through each step of the partnership journey.


Who is it for?

The Reseller Partner program takes your partnership with ConnectMyApps to the next level by allowing you to sell our integration solutions directly to your clients. As a Reseller Partner, you'll enjoy more significant benefits and opportunities for revenue growth: 

  • Product Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge of ConnectMyApps solutions and offer them as part of your own product portfolio. 
  • Sales Support: Access our sales and marketing resources, enabling you to effectively market and sell our integration solutions. 
  • Flexible Pricing: Benefit from competitive pricing structures, enhancing your ability to meet the specific needs of your clients. 
  • Long-term Collaboration: Forge lasting relationships with your clients by providing ongoing support and integration services.