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World's Largest Prepared Meal Delivery Company

World's Largest Prepared Meal Delivery Company

Streamlining HR and Payroll Processes for the World's Largest Prepared Meal Delivery Company 

Client: The world's largest prepared meal delivery company, headquartered in the USA and rapidly expanding across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The company has thousands of full-time staff and hundreds of thousands of part-time/delivery staff, leading to complex HR and payroll requirements. 

Challenge: The client operates in a highly competitive sector and frequently adjusts its pricing model to ensure long-term profitability. They needed a system that could integrate data from various software applications into their in-house Business Intelligence platform. The client also required assistance with three mission-critical tasks: 

1. Exporting Business Intelligence Data from their Workforce Management software, Quinyx and other sources into their in-house Business Intelligence platform. 

2. Syncing Employee and Agreement data from AFAS (HR Software) to Quinyx. 

3. Transferring temporary worker data from a variety of HR temporary worker suppliers into Quinyx. 

The client's HR team would schedule employee shifts in Quinyx, but when there was a shortfall in particular locations, they engaged their temporary employee suppliers for support. This information needed to be shared between systems instantly and accurately. 

Solution: The client engaged ConnectMyApps to address these challenges. ConnectMyApps, with its robust integration platform, Canvas, was the perfect fit for this complex task. It established a connection between AFAS and Quinyx, and Quinyx to the client's in-house Business Intelligence platform. This was achieved within 1 day and tested and approved within 48 hours. 

For the temporary employee staffing challenge, ConnectMyApps built a custom solution that exports open shift data to various vendors. Vendors respond if they can meet the demand, and then ConnectMyApps seamlessly populates shifts/employee data in Quinyx. The solution now integrates 500-1000 permanent employee data with internal systems, and >5000 temporary data between internal and external systems. It includes 17 workflows, 14 App Connectors, and syncs 1x per day with system-level data and 1x per hour with employee-level data. 

Outcome: The client was able to streamline their HR and payroll processes, efficiently manage their temporary and permanent staff, and integrate critical data into their Business Intelligence platform for better decision-making.