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This is ConnectMyApps

Our team is a dedicated, committed, curious, knowledgeable, and unstoppable team of integration experts, who provide our customers with valuable advice, ensuring seamless integration, and delivering top performance to guarantee you an excellent integration experience.

ConnectMyApps was founded in 2014 with the purpose of simplifying integration and setting business free from manual data entry and inconsistent records.

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Today, from our offices in Oslo, London and Lisbon, we help over 1000 mid-size and enterprise customers across Europe make their data flows more automated, secure and timely by connecting the systems they rely on in their finance, sales, marketing, HR and other operations processes.
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Dedicated and efficient

We're unlike your typical
iPaaS or System Integrator

At ConnectMyApps we believe businesses should be set free to grow through their core activities, and not be held back by having to move data manually around.​
Our team consists of a diverse group of skilled professionals. We encourage creative thinking to improve efficiency and quality, and we foster internal advancement to secure knowledge and experience to the benefit of our many long-standing clients.
Information security is paramount at ConnectMyApps. You can be sure your sensitive data is safe. Our platform and ways of working ensure that.
We would love to work with you. Get in touch today, and let's begin the journey to set your business free through improved information flow and automation.
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’’We chose Canvas over Boomi for its agility, maintainability and cost. Boomi is like cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer’’

Case study

Streamlining HR and Payroll Processes


Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration
Our latest case study case, a leading prepared meal delivery company faced challenges with manual data entry between Salesforce, their CRM platform, and Xledger, their accounting system. By utilizing ConnectMyApps, the client automated the data transfer process, achieving real-time accuracy, eliminating errors, and significantly improving operational efficiency.