This is ConnectMyApps

Our team is a dedicated, committed, curious, knowledgeable, and unstoppable team of integration experts, who provide our customers with valuable advice, ensuring seamless integration, and delivering top performance to guarantee you an excellent integration experience.

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We are committed to empowering businesses

At ConnectMyApps we believe businesses should be set free to grow through their core activities, and not be held back by having to move data manually around.​

Automating the flow of information saves time and allows for better decision making based on the right data - faster, which in turn provides businesses with competitive advantages.

And with Canvas you can take charge yourself – without the need for being a software developer.



Set your business free 

ConnectMyApps was founded in 2014 with the purpose of simplifying integration and setting business free from manual data entry and inconsistent records.  

Today, from our offices in Oslo, London and Lisbon, we help over 1000 mid-size and enterprise customers across Europe make their data flows more automated, secure and timely by connecting the systems they rely on in their finance, sales, marketing, HR and other operations processes. 


"We know the big cost of integrations is maintaining them. So Canvas has great built-in features that make maintenance easy."

Erik Haugen, CEO ConnectMyApps.        

We're unlike your typical IPaaS or System Integrator  

Either we build and maintain, or you take the reins yourself.

We know from experience there is no ‘’one-size fits all’’ approach to integration. And with our low-code Canvas integration platform and Professional Services team, you have the flexibility to decide the approach that works for you.

Our team of integration experts are here to help our customers and partners ensure their integration strategy is a success. We provide training for partners and customers on how to build their own integrations using Canvas, or alternatively, by developing, supporting and maintaining integrations on their behalf as a managed service. You choose the approach that fits your business needs. 

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