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ConnectMyApps raises the bar with ISO 27001 Certification

Ensuring Top-tier Data Security

ConnectMyApps has successfully implemented and aligned its Information Security Management System (ISMS). As a result, we obtained ISO 27001 certification by the end of 2022 and now again in 2024. This accomplishment sets ConnectMyApps apart as one of the few low-code platforms in the market with this highly esteemed security credential. To discuss the implications of this milestone for our valued customers and partners, we have recently spoken with our IT and ISMS specialist, Håvard Vesterheim. 


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What is the significance of an ISO 27001 certification? 

ISO27001 is a standard used to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The function of which is to identify information security risks and effectively treat and manage them, ensure business continuity and proactively limit the potential impact of security breaches.  
Becoming certified in ISO 27001 helps a company prove their commitment to managing Information security. This is peace of mind for the customer that their data is secure, and that incidents and risks are managed correctly.  

What does ISO 27001 certification mean for ConnectMyApps in particular? 

ConnectMyApps is an integration platform provider. We handle a lot of customer data. Having achieved ISO 27001 certification means that we prove to our customers that our platform, processes, procedures and systems are managed to ensure the safety of customers data.  

How was the certification process?  

ConnectMyApps is committed to data security, many policies and procedures required by the standard were already in place when we started the implementation. ISO 27001 as a standard is focused on tailoring to your company's context and its information security needs, this means that no matter if you are a big or small company a lot of thought must go into making ISMS for it to be an effective tool to mitigate identified risks. 

What are the benefits that ConnectMyApps provides to its customers through this certification? 

Our customers can use the continued certification as assurance that their customer data is secure and being handled in accordance with relevant regulations. This also allows us to quickly and effectively respond to potential future incidents and customer requests. Actively using an ISMS means we can look forward and effectively manage potential risks which would be impossible without the certification.

Will this have an impact on any applications or integrations?  

No. ConnectMyApps has always treated all customer data at the same severity, we have the same security measures in place platform-wide to mitigate all identified risks involved in processing. This means when we implemented our ISMS specific changes to the platform were limited in scope and impact. 

 What security measures should enterprises prioritize when integrating business applications?  

Data security is paramount when integrating applications, systems and services. Being a data processor means taking customer data seriously and managing the risks associated with processing. Being able to independently prove that commitment from the bottom to the top in the organization is a priority for any data processing enterprise.  

What additional measures does ConnectMyApps take to ensure that personal data and other sensitive data integrations are safe and secure? 

ConnectMyApps handles all data with the same severity. All customer data on our platform is handled as if it were personal, sensitive data. We run third-party penetration tests on the platform to ensure security, confidentiality, availability and resilience.