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Canvas AI

At ConnectMyApps, we continuously strive to empower our customers with innovative solutions that streamline operations, increase efficiency and drive growth.

That's why we're now introducing Connections - a new way to present ourselves and our products. We're not just about technology, we're about creating new relationships and having fun while we're at it. 

Watch our exclusive Connections webinar 

If you missed our live Connections webinar, the complete recording is now available for you to watch below. Learn how to leverage the power of the Canvas integration platform to boost your business efficiency and productivity.

Webinar Highlights
- Success Story: Learn how Serit Eltele overcame their challenges using Canvas.
- Live Demo: See Luke Buckley, our Co-founder and CSO, showcase the latest AI features in Canvas.

Enhance Your Integration Skills
During this webinar, you will:
- Understand the benefits of developing and maintaining integrations on the Canvas platform.
- See practical applications of our new AI tools designed to streamline workflows.
- Learn from real-world examples and expert advice.