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Tailor-made automation for the energy sector

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Energy companies can now through dedicated software integrations save time and money, reduce human errors, and focus on other important tasks.

We have several years’ experience in integrating applications and creating automations for energy companies. To illustrate this, we will here showcase two typical solutions from Norway.

Both solutions save staff considerable time, resulting in simplified workloads and less human errors.

The first automates the handling of incoming order confirmations from suppliers into energy companies’ ERPs.

The second allows for automatic export of projects to field workers’ Dokflyt-application, as well as import of completed projects back into ERP, ready for invoicing.


Showcase No. 1: Automating import of order confirmations from supplier to buyer’s ERP.

 How does it work?

Once a purchase for necessary supplies has been made by one of your employees, your supplier exports the order confirmation in NELFO-format to a dedicated FTP-server where the file is retrieved via ConnectMyApps' IPaaS, Canvas. The order confirmation is then interpreted in Canvas and mapped to the correct ERP-format and automatically imported into your ERP of choice. Prior to upload, Canvas will first verify that supplier, project, and products are available. If the product(s) does not already exist, this will be created automatically. When an invoice is later received, it can be easily matched to actual orders made.

Supported ERPs include: Visma (.net, Business NXT, ++), Xledger, 24SevenOffice, MS Dynamics F&O, Tripletex, and more.

Showcase No. 2: Integration of Dokflyt project management with ERPs.

 How does it work?

ConnectMyApps Canvas IPaaS will regularly query and extract new work orders (projects) as these are created in your ERP and transfer them to Dokflyt. Once a work order is completed by the designated employee, the project is transferred back into the ERP via mapping in Canvas, making it ready for invoicing. Simple but also highly effective, ensuring automation and continuity in the dataflow – every time.

Supported ERPs include: Visma (.net, Business NXT, ++), Xledger, 24SevenOffice, MS Dynamics F&O, Tripletex, and more.

Get in touch today to experience how fast you could deploy these integrations in your business. We’d love to hear from you!

ConnectMyApps has 10 years’ experience with software integrations, and we have delivered this solution to several Norwegian energy companies. Let us assist you in automating your data flows, saving you time and money.