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World’s largest fast-food restaurant

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Streamlining Data Management for one of the world’s largest fast-food restaurants 

One of the world's largest fast-food restaurants, faced a significant challenge in managing a large volume of employee data across various crucial fields. With over 3,000 unique employees, the data was constantly changing as new employees were onboarded and others exited the company. The company needed a reliable and efficient system to handle this data, given the potential risks of fines and negative media coverage in case of any mistakes. Moreover, the system had to be adaptable to different countries in Northern Europe, considering the important regional legal differences between countries. 

The company engaged ConnectMyApps to help them handle three mission-critical tasks: 

1. Sync employee data, contract data, visa information, skillset, and payroll data between Quinyx (Workforce Management), Hogia (Payroll), and Learningbank (LMS). 

2. Process data for more than 3,000 unique employees, with the number constantly changing due to employee turnover. 

3. Run the integrations at specific times during the day, depending on the system. 

In a competitive selection process, the company chose ConnectMyApps’ integration platform, Canvas, over other integration solutions due to its reliability, flexibility with integration timings, and low-code platform. Canvas enabled the company to adjust the process if necessary.

Canvas provided by ConnectMyApps not only met the company's immediate needs but also positioned them for future growth and scalability. By seamlessly syncing employee data, contact details, billing information, skillsets, and payroll data across multiple platforms, the company was able to centralize and streamline its data management processes. This not only ensured accuracy in their records but also improved efficiency in handling employee information.

With ConnectMyApps' integration platform, Canvas, in place, the company experienced a significant reduction in manual data entry errors and a decrease in the time spent on data management tasks. The ability to run integrations at specific times during the day allowed for a more organized and automated approach to handling employee data.

Overall, the successful implementation of ConnectMyApps has transformed the company's data management operations, providing them with a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution to navigate the complexities of managing a large and dynamic workforce. By embracing this innovative technology, the company has set a new standard for data management efficiency in the fast-food industry.