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SERIT ELTELE - Empowers Operations with Canvas iPaaS

Man with Serit logo

Serit Eltele's success story with Canvas iPaaS exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative solutions in streamlining operations and driving business growth.

Serit, a Norwegian IT solutions provider, caters to both private and public enterprises across various industries. With a network spanning 17 local offices and a team of 160 employees, Serit offers a comprehensive range of services, from network management to customised software solutions. Noteworthy clients include Lerøy, RuterApp#, and Frøy ASA.

The Challenge: Serit Office, Serit Eltele, faced the challenge of consolidating internal integrations and centralising data onto a unified platform. They required the flexibility to adapt swiftly to evolving integration needs, and to ensure seamless information flow across business-critical systems such as Visma Business NXT, Netset, and SuperOffice. Accuracy and consistency were paramount. Especially when generating diverse reports for affiliated retail chains, manufacturers, and suppliers.

The Solution: Recognising the need for a robust solution, Serit Eltele turned to ConnectMyApps’ integration platform, Canvas. While possessing an adept team of developers, they wanted to avoid the significant workload of building integrations internally, and from scratch. By using Canvas' built-in components such as ready-made API-connectors and reusable functional blocks, Serit Eltele streamlined the entire process, resulting in a remarkable 50%-time saving – even after accounting for training on the iPaaS platform. In addition, the implementation team at ConnectMyApps provided a reliable monitoring and maintenance solution, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

"Our team comprises skilled and experienced developers capable of building integrations internally. However, upon delving into the project, we realised the substantial workload it entailed. Leveraging Canvas's prebuilt components and blocks not only streamlined our process but also saved us approximately 50% of our time – even when factoring in training on the Canvas platform."

Øyvind Malin, Solution Architect – Serit Eltele

Going forward: Serit Eltele plans to capitalise further on Canvas iPaaS by building integrations for their clients, thereby expanding their service portfolio and enhancing their value proposition. Director Vidar Thomassen emphasises the benefits of standardised integrations through Canvas, including reduced development time, minimal manual intervention, and robust security features.

“Overall, the integrations contribute to increased efficiency and quality in our operations. We avoid manual entry of information existing in another system, reducing time spent and human errors. Thus, we can optimise resource usage. Information can seamlessly flow between systems, speeding up processes such as invoicing, customer follow-up, and reporting. Ensuring that all departments work with the same, updated information, increasing accuracy and reliability. Integrated systems can generate more detailed and relevant reports, supporting more informed decisions.”

Vidar Thomassen, Director – Serit Eltele


Summary of Benefits

  • Elimination of manual data entry, reducing errors and optimising resource usage.
  • Seamless information flow between systems, accelerating critical processes such as invoicing and reporting.
  • Consistency and accuracy in data across all departments, enhancing reliability.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Reduced development time through pre-built API-integrations.
  • Minimal technical expertise required for system integration.
  • Enhanced security features, including authentication and encryption.
  • Comprehensive technical support and easy monitoring through platform tools.

Conclusion: Serit Eltele's success story with Canvas iPaaS exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative solutions in streamlining operations and driving business growth. With a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Serit Eltele remains poised for further success in the dynamic IT solutions landscape.