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Multinational Recruitment Company

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Multinational Recruitment Company Streamlines Data Integration with ConnectMyApps 

Our client, a multinational recruitment company with offices spanning the EU and US, has established itself as a trailblazer in the job platform industry for more than two decades. With a presence in over 30 countries, the management of 40 distinct job boards, the hosting of a vast array of over 500,000 job opportunities, and collaboration with a diverse range of more than 140,000 employers, this company is at the forefront of creating extensive opportunities for both job seekers and businesses through the strategic use of data and technology.

Navigating the intricate landscape of managing sensitive employee data across a myriad of complex systems in a rapidly evolving global setting presented a formidable challenge for our client. The need arose for a robust integration software solution that could seamlessly synchronize employee data, absence records, and user information across five different applications: Talentsoft, Absence.IO, Active Directory, Qualtrics, and Cornerstone On Demand. Each of these applications operated on multiple workflows with varying integration frequencies, demanding a sophisticated approach to data management. Furthermore, with a workforce exceeding 8,000 active employees spread across their global operations, the client required a solution that could scale effectively without incurring unpredictable costs as the business expanded and additional staff were brought on board.

In response to these challenges, the client turned to ConnectMyApps’ cutting-edge integration platform, Canvas, renowned for its transparent and equitable pricing model, as well as its reputation for reliability and security. Specifically tailored for enterprise users and trusted by some of the most prominent brands worldwide, Canvas offered the stability and data security that our client sought. Leveraging the expertise of ConnectMyApps’ Professional Services, a customized solution was crafted to facilitate seamless integration for all of the client's global employees. This comprehensive solution encompassed 19 meticulously designed workflows, each configured for multiple synchronization cycles throughout the day at specified intervals, utilizing 15 distinct app connectors (API) to ensure optimal data flow.

By successfully integrating all essential applications, our client achieved a harmonious synchronization of data across multiple platforms, fostering operational efficiency and data accuracy. The fixed-cost structure of the solution provided invaluable financial predictability, empowering the client to expand their workforce and onboard new personnel with confidence in their budgeting. Furthermore, the client expressed high satisfaction with the stability and security offered by Canvas, solidifying their trust and satisfaction in their chosen technology partner.