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SATS - Optimizing Fitness Operations Through Automation

SATS - Optimizing Fitness Operations Through Automation

Streamlining operations and enhancing productivity for SATS, one of the largest fitness chains in the Nordics.

Background: SATS, the leading fitness center chain in the Nordics since 1995, operates over 200 gyms across the region. With a mission to make people healthier and happier, SATS employs around 10,000 staff members in both full-time and part-time positions. Despite their success, SATS faced significant operational challenges that hindered their efficiency and productivity.

Challenges: The primary challenge SATS encountered was the manual management of employee shift allocations and responsibilities. This labor-intensive process was prone to errors and inaccuracies, leading to a suboptimal allocation of human resources. The manual system also resulted in considerable time wastage, detracting from more valuable activities that could enhance the customer experience.

Solution: To address these challenges, SATS implemented a fully managed service from ConnectMyApps through Canvas Professional Services. The solution provided by ConnectMyApps included the Canvas integration platform (iPaaS) for infrastructure and integration management. This platform connected various critical business applications such as Findity, Quinyx, Exerp, Tricom, Talentech, CatalystOne, Personec, and Microsoft Entra ID, automating the process of tracking employee shifts and responsibilities.

“For me, the most important aspect is the quality of the data, as we have eliminated the human involvement in having our staff updated between our HR system and our applications such as our staffing tool. This enables our staff and managers to spend more of their time on what we care about, creating world class quality training and experiences for our members»   

Martin Storm-Olsen: Nordic Application Manager, SATS

Results: The integration of ConnectMyApps resulted in numerous gains and benefits for SATS: Time Savings: The automation of business-critical applications led to significant time savings, with many hours saved each week that were previously spent on manual scheduling and data management. Accuracy Improvement: The enhanced data quality from the ConnectMyApps solution reduced the need for human intervention, thereby minimising errors and improving overall accuracy. Quality Assurance: With a reliable source of data and automated processes, SATS could ensure a higher standard of quality assurance in their operations. Productivity Enhancement: The time saved from manual tasks allowed employees to focus on more productive activities, such as providing top-notch training for members. Cost Savings: The potential cost savings from reduced errors and improved time utilisation contributed to a better bottom line for SATS. Business Outcome Focus: With the operational side streamlined, SATS could concentrate on business outcomes, such as enhancing customer satisfaction and expanding their market presence.

Conclusion: The implementation of ConnectMyApps' integration platform transformed SATS's operational capabilities, empowering their staff to dedicate more time to what truly matters - their members' health and happiness. The case of SATS exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to not only solve pain points but also to create a competitive advantage in the fitness industry.