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European LifeCare Group’s Vital Victory

European LifeCare Group’s Vital Victory logo + two people with backpacks, walking on a path surrounded by palm trees

European LifeCare Group’s Vital Victory – Injecting efficiency into healthcare. 

European LifeCare Group, established in 1998, remains steadfast in its mission to combat disease and save lives through accessible and safe prevention and treatment services. Comprising seven distinct brands - Danske lægers Vaccination Service (DK), CityDoc (UK), London Travel Clinic (UK), Vaccination UK (UK), PreventVaccins B.V. (NL), Vaccinaties op Reis (NL) and MEDIPrevent (NL). European LifeCare Group offers a comprehensive range of services including health and travel vaccinations, sexual health testing, GP services, health checks, blood tests, screenings, as well as engaging in research and trials. 

Challenge: European LifeCare Group encountered difficulties in effectively managing their workforce across multiple systems, encompassing tasks such as scheduling shifts, updating employee information, and ensuring smooth collaboration between departments. 

Integrating data across disparate systems like Talentsoft, Quinyx, Xmedicus, Azure AD, and Eloomi presented hurdles in maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and synchronization.  

The need to seamlessly onboard new employees, update employee records, and manage agreements highlighted challenges in efficiently integrating HR processes with other systems. 

Solution: To tackle the operational hurdles faced by European LifeCare Group, the organization opted for a comprehensive solution provided by ConnectMyApps in collaboration with their Professional Services. Leveraging the Canvas integration platform (iPaaS), European LifeCare Group gained a robust infrastructure for seamless integrations and management across their diverse ecosystem of applications.  

The solution facilitated by ConnectMyApps connected pivotal systems like Workforce Management, Electronic Medical Record System, Human Resource Management, Azure AD, and Learning Management System among others. Through automated processes, European LifeCare Group streamlined workforce management tasks such as shift creation, update, and deletion, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and responsibilities. 

Impact: By implementing this solution, European LifeCare Group achieved enhanced data accuracy, less errors, consistency, and synchronization across their platforms, addressing complexities in data integration. Additionally, the streamlined workflows optimized employee onboarding processes, expediting the incorporation of new hires while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and agreements. 


"Thanks to Canvas technology and CMA's services, we were not limited to a single system's solutions. Instead, we could pick specialized systems based on our internal criteria and seamlessly integrate them with our core system, Talentsoft. This significant capability enabled us to achieve our goals without compromising our vision." - Mette Snowman, Group CHRO – European LifeCare Group 


Results: Time Savings and Efficiency: Automation of critical processes led to significant time savings, reducing manual data entry and administrative tasks. 

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Quality: Improved data accuracy and consistency were achieved through synchronized data across multiple platforms. 

Improved Productivity and Focus: Employees were able to redirect efforts towards more productive activities. 

Cost Savings: Efficiencies gained from automation translated into cost savings for European LifeCare Group. 

In essence, the ConnectMyApps solution enabled European LifeCare Group to overcome their operational challenges, enabling smoother operations and fostering organizational efficiency in pursuit of their mission to combat disease and save lives.